For the past several months, I have been doing a lot of research and investigation into coding bootcamps. Why exactly have I decided to enroll in a coding bootcamp in the first place? Isn’t this blog and website about my passion to become an expert in Amazon Web Services? …

EC2 Instances primarily utilize storage known as EBS Volumes. But this isn’t the only type of storage that is available. There’s another type, known as Instance Store, or Ephemeral Storage.

Instance Store was first used by Amazon, until they shifted to Elastic Block Store. There are several differences between EBS

I’m currently going through a course on Amazon Web Services, taught by ACloud.Guru. His course is specifically focused on preparing students to pass all of the AWS certification exams. The course consists of important theoretical concepts as well as hands on labs.

We have a lab today regarding Upgrading our…

I remember back to my 1980 Macintosh Plus. I always looked forward to getting new floppy disks from my Uncle. One day though, he sent me this large heavy device. He told me to connect it to my computer and then I could start up my mac without any of…

Amir Yunas

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